Monday, July 30, 2007

Rings: ellipse or circle?

How do you like your rings to displayed?

The first option with painting aromatic ring is whether to display the aromaticity as double bonding or as a ring.
If you want them to be displayed as a ring, then second question is whether to draw this as a ellipse or as a perfect circle.

In these pictures below you can see the two different options to show aromaticity inside for a Benzene ring.

Is one of them clearly better then the other, is it personal taste or doesn't it matter at all?


Egon Willighagen said...

I definitely like the circle (second) one much more.

See also the length PDF linked below, which gives many recommendations, but please only consider the don't as important, as the do's have too much flexibility (and it is not final yet).

The IUPAC recommendation can be found at:

Carsten Niehaus said...

FullAck with Egon here. Ring.

Christoph said...

Yes, the circle is much better than the oval.

Rajarshi said...

Definitely vote for the circle